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Name (or nickname): Jessica
Birthday: 5/12/87
Sign: Taurus
Favorite Foods: Pastries and Pitas
Least Favorite Foods: Canned stuff that shouldn't be canned
Favorite Color: Green
Likes: Ice Skating, Dancing, Music, Sewing
Dislikes: Speed Tickets, Cops, LJ drama
Strengths: Balance and flexibility, can use any kind of gun or bow and arrow
Weaknesses: Afraid of being alone, Can be bribed with chocolate
Hobbies: sewing, Cosplaying, Dancing, see likes
Talents: Dance and Flexibility
Sports?: Ice Skating, Soccer, Rugby, Shooting, Skeet Shooting
Like school? Only the social part
Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither? Explain: It depends on what the situation is.
Do you possess strong leadership abilities?: Very
Do you prefer to work alone or in a group? Depends,mostly a group

Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? I work hard
Are you or do you consider yourself to be popular?: depends on the group
What things are most important to you?: Family and Friends
Is there someone you admire or idolize? yes
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? Explain: outgoing, i'm always like omg lets go i have an idea
Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? Explain: i look fem but i fight like a boy
Describe yourself in 3 few words: smart, pretty, funny
Do you feel you are more pretty or cute?: pretty

Favorite fighting game? Tekken 5
Favorite fighting game girl? Ivy
Favorite fighting game guy? Voldo

Anything else we should know about you:
Not to my knowledge

Image Hosted by
Picture from a shoot back in April

Image Hosted by
Costumes I made for Wizard World Chicago last year.

Image Hosted by
Another picture of my Phoenix costume.

Hi usakochan!
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