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Ready? Fight!!!!

Name (or nickname): Kristina
Birthday: May 23, 1986
Sign: Gemini
Favorite Foods: Strawberries
Least Favorite Foods: Mustard or sour cream
Favorite Color: Red
Likes: Art, books, fighting games, zombies, horror movies
Dislikes: Old people and cars
Strengths: Art and random trivia
Weaknesses: Spiteful, blunt, pessimistic
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, thinking, and walking
Talents: Drawing, painting, and spouting out random facts
Sports?: Does bowling count
Like school? Not currently attending school and I wasn't much impressed with it.
Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither? Explain: Mature, because I don't like to seem annoying (unless it can't be helped because of caffeine or sleep dep). Mostly, I mind my own business and stay fairly mellow.
Do you possess strong leadership abilities?: No, I don't want the responsibility.
Do you prefer to work alone or in a group? Alone, I almost always do things better on my own.

Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? I work hard and I am sometimes irritated by people who don't.
Are you or do you consider yourself to be popular?: No, and I don't think I'd want to be.
What things are most important to you?: Having personal goals and my imagination.
Is there someone you admire or idolize? Not that I'm aware of.
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? Explain: In between. I'm shy around new people or people I'm not interested in. I'm outgoing after you get to know me or if I think you're a neat person.
Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? Explain: I look very feminine (I often dress in egl fashion). But I do things often considered boyish.
Describe yourself in 3 few words: Mellow, paranoid, creative
Do you feel you are more pretty or cute?: I'd say pretty.

Favorite fighting game? Guilty Gear and King of Fighters
Favorite fighting game girl? Kula Diamond and B.B. Hood
Favorite fighting game guy? Faust and K'

Anything else we should know about you: Not really.

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